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Download iMyFone – LockWiper for iCloud Bypass

For one reason or another, in many occasions is possible for us to forget a password that is related to a personal electronic device, such a smart phone, tablet or any other that we are using.

This is particularly problematic when we own an Apple device like an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS, due to the iCloud Activation Lock. If this is the case we can use the LockWiper tool provided by IMyFone for iCloud bypassing.

If we forget the Apple ID credentials related to a specific iDevice, unfortunately we will have a big issue since the access to the phone or tablet will be loss, because of the activation of the iCloud Activation Lock as the main security feature of iOS as mobile platform, in order to avoid any access from intruders or unauthorized people, even after hard resetting the device or remove the initial access code.

With LockWiper by IMyFone to recover access from locked iPhones and iPads is easy and quick, with a procedure that only requires minutes and it is completely free, giving complete access again and all the features provided by the iOS version after removing the previous account.

Latest Update - Version 4.3 has arrived!

Download iMyFone 4.3 for Mac

Download iMyFone 4.3 for Windows

What is IMyFone LockWiper?

Specifically, iMyFone is an extensive service platform specialized in recovery, deleting and unlocking software for iOS and Android devices, giving the tools to access any locked device, erase all data from them and transfer photos en media files from the device to computers.

To unlock iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, IMyFone has created the LockWiper suite that allows the user to remove any Apple account related to a device that is locked, thanks to forgetting the actual credentials, forgetting the password or email related and any other restriction involved.

So, the use of this software is perfect for those who are acquiring a second-hand iOS device with a related Apple account that must be removed, or in case of forgetting the 4-6 digit password or impossibility to use Touch ID, Face ID due to hardware issues like broken screens, bad functional cameras or broken fingerprint reader.

As we can see there are not just one or two cases that mean in the use of a software of this sort, but plenty of more events in which we can take advantage of LockWiper by iMyFone, in order to fix an inaccessible iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Bypassing iCloud with IMyFone For Free

By using IMyFone´s LockWiper suite you will be able to recover access from any iDevice you might be using and locked at some point, because of the reasons previously explained and being a powerful software tool of its kind. Nonetheless, the best thing is that we can use the tool completely for free and with no charges whatsoever, in case we do not want to use the platform permanently.

In details, LockWiper is offered for free but only on a limited time as a trial version, although all the benefits are included. In case you need the platform for good, you can pay for up to three different plans depending on your need: Basic Plan for one device, Family Plan that allows to unlock from 2 to 5 devices, and the Multi-User plan includes in the ultimate tier unlimited devices to use, being perfect for commercial purposes.

All of these paid plans include permanent customer service, remote assistance and a money-back policy if after 30 days the user is not satisfy with the platform or is experience troubles that are not being unattended.

Steps to follow and guide to unlock iPhones and iPads

The steps to follow using LockWiper are very simple. First, you just need to download the software iMyFone LockWiper on your computer, run the program and use the options available.

Thoroughly, there are three ways you can go depending on the problem you have; “Unlock Apple ID” for full locked device, “Unlock Screen Code” for fully functional iDevices and “Unlock Screen Time Passcode” for other software restrictions.

For example, being one of the most common problems to have a locked device due to Apple ID forgetting, if we click on this option the unlocking process will start by the platform asking us to connect the device, and then clicking on “Trust” for the device provide access. In the next page will appear the button “Start to unlock”, giving access to the phone after a few minutes regardless if Find My Phone is enabled or disabled.

Download iMyFone Full Cracked

You can download iMyFone d-back ultimate pro clicking links below.

Download iMyFone 4.3 for Mac

Download iMyFone 4.3 for Windows

Versions of iOS supported

The LockWiper software designed by iMyFone is designed to work under all the versions of iOS released, being all of them supported up to date. In any case, for further consulting the software is compatible with iOS 1, iOS 2, iOS 3, iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 e iOS 12, iOS 13.