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Download Full Version Of iCloud Unlock Deluxe For Free & Steps To Use

People often considered buying a second iPhone rather than a new one because a second-hand iPhone is much cheaper and easily affordable. But you might have a big problem with your second-hand iPhone that is the previous owner of your phone did not delete their iCloud account. It seems like a simple problem, but it is not as easy as you think. If your phone consists of an iCloud account of someone else, you would not be able to enjoy all the features of the phone. So, how to fix this issue?

To solve this issue, there is a software named iCloud Unlock Deluxe which you have to download. This app usually helps to remove that iCloud account from your iPhone. So, to sort out this problem, there are different steps which you need to follow. These are given below:

  1. Downloading iCloud Unlock Deluxe

The first thing which you should know is that iCloud Unlock Deluxe free download is possible. But it is much difficult to get the downloading file. However, first of all, you need to download this software. But the official version of iCloud Unlock Deluxe is not easy to find. However, a few things which often prevent users from using the software:

Download iCloud Unlock Deluxe for Mac

Download iCloud Unlock Deluxe for Windows

  • Before using this solution, you have to do a long survey without getting registered.
  • Therefore, you would be offered to make a payment after completing the survey to download the software.
  • When the payment is done, you will be able to access the software, and if your phone is compatible with the program it will be really easy to unlock it.

There are easier ways than MacCrunch iCloud Unlock Deluxe download that we describe later. However, if you want to get this software, you can search it online. Several sites offer its official version when you send them an email.

  1. Review of iCloud Unlock Deluxe

As it is discussed above that this app usually helps to remove the previous iCloud account from your device. When you successfully remove that iCloud account, you need to sign in now with your iCloud account to access all the features which were prevented. This includes Find My iPhone and many other security systems too. But the question is how does it work? The answers are given below:

Is iCloud Unlock Deluxe Trustful? Does it work?

Usually, this software is easy to use and gives a positive result. But, some users have reported that this software does not unlock or remove the previous iCloud account. However, if your iPhone has a pre-build iCloud account and you want to remove it, you should try it at least once with your device. In a survey, they proved that some iPhone 6 and iPhone X are unable to be unlocked with this software depending on the previous user account. But, if you have any other iPhone, you must try it, as it is a easy program to use.

Steps to Use iCloud Unlock Deluxe

After downloading iCloud Unlock Deluxe, you have to click the right button and select Run as administrator to install it. Using this software is not very easy. You need to be a little tricky to access with it. However, some steps to use iCloud Unlock Deluxe are discussed.

  • Step 1 – You’ll need to download and install the software on your computer
  • Step 2 – After that, you’ll need to connect your iPhone and open the software.
  • Step 3 – Then, the software would detect the issue and restart your iPhone. It will also use a custom bootloader that would provide your iPhone to get full access.

icloud unlock deluxe

  • Step 4 – Now, on your computer screen, you would get information about your iPhone. After checking the information, you need to check the box and select “Continue with Unlock Procedure”. After that, you would get several options like “Refresh Serial Number”, “Renew IMSI to match IMEI”, “allocate new IMEI”, “Custom Setup.ipa” (the previous iCloud account would be permanently deleted), and “Block Apple ID Verification Servers”.
  • Step 5 – According to your needs, you can choose anything from these options. Your device would now restart several times.

icloud unlock deluxe guide

After completing the program, you would get your iPhone’s details once again and if the hack is successfully worked, the status would appear as “Clean”.

  1. FAQs Related with iCloud Unlock Deluxe

Can I get the iCloud Unlock Deluxe file for free?

Yes, you can get it for free. Thousands of people are using this software but not all users are paying for it. However, if you still want the iCloud Unlock Deluxe file, you can search for it online. When the software was launched, it was downloaded by thousands of people, but some did not have any positive result coming out of it.

Is iCloud Unlock Deluxe available in other websites?

Generally, the iCloud Unlock Deluxe file is not easy to find. If you have done a deep survey on several websites, you may have a clear-cut idea that there is not any website which offers the installation file. But it is still possible to find webs like ours that are still offering this program, without the need of subscribing to anything, just paying for the service it offers.

iCloud Unlock Deluxe has Some Alternatives which Works

If you have using iCloud Unlock Deluxe but your iPhone or iPad are not compatible to this program, you should also try some alternatives to it. One of its alternatives is “AppleiPhoneUnlock”. AppleiPhoneUnlock is one of the favorites of everybody. This software would not let your finger lift anymore. You will simply have to make an order, enter some details and the professionals would take care of everything for you.

icloud activation lock removal

Thus, some of the main features of AppleiPhoneUnlock are given below.

  • It unlocks the iCloud account on every model of iPhone including iPhone 11 Pro and Max.
  • It usually takes one to three days to complete the unlocking procedure.
  • It also helps to unlock the cloud account on any iOS, iPadOS and watchOS device.
  • You only have to make an order with your iPhone’s IMEI.

When your order would be placed, the authority of AppleiPhoneUnlock would remotely unlock the previous iCloud account. Nothing else you have to do now.

How to Use AppleiPhoneUnlock?

  • First of all, you need to visit the AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud unlock page.
  • Now, you have to choose your iPhone model using the drop-down menu and put your IMEI number.
  • Then, you would get an option of “Unlock now”. You have to click on it and enter your payment information.

If you would do the payment and make your order as fast as possible, it would be better for you. Within three days from now, the previous iCloud account would be removed from your iPhone.

How to find your iOS device’s IMEI?

When you are placing an order to unlock the iCloud account, you need to know your device’s IMEI number. If you are not sure about your IMEI number, you can go back by clicking on the ‘i’ icon on the iCloud activation lock screen. If your iPhone model is older than iPhone 6S, you would get your IMEI number on the backside of your device.

find ios imei

Apart from AppleiPhoneUnlock, there is another alternative software named “Tenorshare 4uKey” which you can also try. To access this software, you need to have a computer system. Thus, some of the features of “Tenoreshare 4uKey” are discussed below:

  • It removes the iPhone passcodes and iCloud accounts within four to five minutes.
  • It is compatible with iOS 11.4 and below.
  • It offers a free trial which you can experience before buying it.
  • While using this software, your data would not be erased.

How to Use Tenorshare 4uKey?

Step 1 – First of all, you need to download and install Tenorshare 4uKey on your computer.

Step 2 – When the installation is completed, open it with an internet connection. The main menu would ask you to choose the unlock mode by clicking on “Unlock Apple .”

4ukey guide

Step 3 – Then you have to connect your iPhone with your computer through a lightning cable. After that, you need to press the “Start” button to proceed.

Step 4 – To proceed further, you need to enable your “Find My Device” option. If it is disabled, the further program would not able to complete. So, make sure that you have enabled your Find My Device system.

Step 5 – Now, you need to open the “Settings” and go to “General> Reset”. Then, you have to click on “Reset All Settings” and put your iPhone’s passcode. After a few minutes, your previous iCloud account would be removed.

4ukey removal tool

Now, you can sign in your iPhone with your account iCloud account and you would be able to access all the features.


So, by concluding, it can be said that removing an iCloud account is difficult but not impossible. If you also have an issue regarding it, you can fix it by choosing AppleiPhoneUnlock or Tenorshare 4uKey. Many people are disappointed with iCloud Unlock Deluxe, so we would recommend you to try another program as mentioned. The file of this software is also not available on any website, it is better to work with Applei Phone Unlock and Tenorshare 4uKey.