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Exodus Super unlock

What is Exodus Super unlock?

If a person has bought a second-hand iPhone and it has got unlocked by iCloud account, then what he should do? This problem is faced by almost all iPhone users just because of the strong security measures. It is almost impossible to get past the iCloud activation lock. According to the developers of Exodus Super Unlock, one will be able to go to the iPhone screen with ease.

Review for Exodus Super Unlock

One can unlock his iPhone from the iCloud activation lock with the help of the tool known as Exodus Super Unlock. It is very much simple to use but it works or not is a question for debate.

Main features of this program are:

  • iCloud Activation Unlock
  • After using Exodus Super Unlock, the phone is permanently unlocked
  • Can work on any iPhone (compatible with older and newer models)

If this program is running on your iPhone successfully, then you can easily log in to a new iCloud account on your iPhone. The problem is often faced by those who have bought an old iPhone and get it locked. In all these problems, this can help a user.

Do Exodus Super Unlock work?

The Exodus Super Unlock was tested on the two iPhones separately, namely iPhone 6 and iPhone x. It was proved that this tool worked for both phones. 

Exodus Super unlock

Cons of Exodus Super Unlock

There are some of the negative points which put Exodus Super Unlock in controversy, they are:

  • Finding the official release version that is safe can be very difficult.
  • The majority of feedback by the users says that it doesn’t work.

How to download Exodus Super Unlock 2021?

There is no official website from where one can find and download the authentic version of the Exodus Super Unlock. It is hard to find the official version. If one is doing the google research, then there can be plenty of results, but downloading from an unknown source can be dangerous.

Download Exodus Super Unlock 2021 Mac

Download Exodus Super Unlock 2021 for Windows

  • Some of the sites will show innumerable results by taking a lot of time and will collect some of your personal information.
  • You may download a version with the virus, which is again a threat to your phone.
  • With less security, unreliable sites are risky.
  • Instead of downloading a legitimate version, people always tend to download viruses and jeopardize their phones.

These things are plenty to show that Exodus Super Unlock has not an official site from where it can be downloaded and also in the test of iCloud activation lock removal, it gave nothing and finally failed. Therefore we always recommend to find a trustable website to download it.

Effective alternatives against Exodus Super Unlock

If this tool is not working, then the right decision one should take is to move on. To replace Exodus Super Unlock, we have found two best alternatives so that it can take the place of Exodus Super Unlock easily.

  1. DoctorUnlock (Updated 2021)

Download Doctor Unlock Mac

Download Doctor Unlock for Windows

DoctorUnlock is a popular site that is used to unlock iCloud unlocking service. The service of this site is the same as the Exodus Super Unlock, but this site affirms its users about the quality of work and confirms the correction of the phone. This ser ice was used on both iPhone 6 and iPhone x and it unblocked them.


  • All models of iPhones are supported
  • A permanent iCloud activation lock removal
  • It gives the lifetime guaranty of the phone even you factory reset or update iOS.
  • A refund of the money will be initiated if this service will fail to unlock your device.
  • DoctorUnlock has almost 1350 positive reviews.

Steps to use this service:

  1. Open
  2. Enter the model and IMEI of your phone, then click on unlock now
  3. Pay for the service and wait for 3 – 4 days for your phone to be unlocked

The positive side of this service is that it will not let your phone block once again and it will take 1- 3 days to unlock your phone.

  1. Tenorshare 4ukey

Download Tenorshare 4ukey Mac

Download Tenorshare 4ukey for Windows

Tenorshare is another alternative to Exodus Super Unlock which works in some different manner. This program allows you to remove basic passcodes/lock screens as well as the Apple ID. This program can be a hope for those who have forgotten the passwords of there or not been able to access their iCloud account.

  • Remove any type of iPhone lock screen (passcode, Touch ID, face ID) and Apple ID.
  • There is a free version of this program available to try before you buy and available for windows and Mac.
  • The data wouldn’t be lost after iCloud removal.
  • This program is simple and can be done by the user itself. They don’t have to wait for days to unlock their iPhones.
  • Easy to use and anyone who is little knowledge about things can use it easily.

Steps to use

  1. Download and install Tenorshare.4ukey
  2. Click on unlock the Apple ID function, then follow the on-screen instructions to get your iPhone unlocked.

After using Tenorshare 4ukey, the user can say that it was his best choice for his iPhone. It is helpful as it unlocks the iPhone in minutes and one is not supposed to wait for days. When the previous one, Exodus Super Unlock was used on the iPhones, the result was something unsatisfactory.

Note: it just removes Apple ID (or iCloud account) from iPhone, if your iPhone is locked by iCloud Activation lock, it won’t work.

Which iPhone unlock solution is best to use?

If a user is still confused about the selection of the best service for the unlocking of his iPhone, then he can read below:

  • DoctorUnblock – unlocks phone effectively, but can take several days in delivery.
  • Tenorshare 4ukey – effectively unlocks your iPhone immediately and only works for the activated device.
  • Exodus Super Unlock – hard to find the original version. 

After reading all the above reviews of the unlocking services of the iPhone, it is suggested to the readers that they must use DoctorUnlock or Tenorshare 4ukey for the best results. The risk of downloading a virus-infected program can be harmful to the life of the phone. After reading the reviews and feedbacks of the Exodus Super Unlock, it seems that it is difficult to find a good site with which download that program. What work DoctorUnlock or Tenorshare 4ukey can do, Exodus Super Unlock can’t do.