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How to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 8/8S/8S Plus

bypass icloud on iphone 8

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

How to bypass iCloud lock on the iPhone 8/8S

The iCloud Activation Lock with no doubt is a very useful security feature, in order to avoid any intruders to get into our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch even if the device for some reason is completely erased or wiped out, especially when it is stolen. Nonetheless, this feature also can mean a great trouble if we forget our accessing credentials, and that is why knowing the procedure of how to bypass iCloud lock on the iPhone 8/8S becomes important. 

In many cases, we forget our Apple ID related to the iDevice we are using at the moment, such as the associated password or the email address. So, that turns out to be a significant problem when we need access to the phone or tablet made by Apple, since if the iCloud Activation Lock is enabled such device will stay locked until proper credentials are entered, with the purpose of protecting personal data.

Of course, a feature of this sort is excellent to avoid any privacy issue and other risky situations, but in other cases like forgetting credentials or purchasing second hand iPhones or iPads can be a problem, since access can be restricted. To avoid and overcome such issues, a convenient tool to use would be the Open My iCloud platform, as we are going to show you next. 

What you need for bypass iCloud lock on the iPhone 8/8S

Thanks to the tool Open My iCloud we will be able to unlock our iPhone 8/8S easily, since the platform uses a process through server and cloud that does not require to connect the device to any computer, but simply having the locked iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and a downloaded and installed program on our laptop, but without any complex procedures or connections. 

So, in terms of hardware we just need the locked iDevice, being in this case the iPhone 8 o 8S although any other is compatible as well. Also, we will be needing a computer, preferably a laptop with a full charge to avoid any possible interruptions. These are the two hardware related devices that are required for the process. 

Respecting software, we need to have downloaded and installed the Open My iCloud platform on the Windows or Mac machine we are going to use. Remember, with this tool you never have to plug in the device to the computer or follow complicated procedures, since the program is a graphic interface to access all the functions and possibility to access servers and data bases. 

Bypassing iCloud lock on iPhone 8/8S 

Specifically, the Open My iCloud platform is a tool that works under a series of vulnerabilities that can be found in the Apple data base, and in this way is possible to unlock any iPhone 8 or 8S fast and with any connection to a computer or laptop, at least directly. Everything is done through the program very easily and in minutes. 

Open My iCloud works using the IMEI of the iDevice by accessing directly the data base of the company, releasing it from the previous Apple ID credentials that were forgotten and allowing to add a new one completely from scratch, just like that. 

With this method you will be able to recover the valuable access to your phone, tablet or media device made by Apple, despite of forgetting the password or email address registered. Also, this tool is compatible in the case of having an active iDevice and the lock screen code was forgotten as well. Now we can start the process of unlocking the phone by bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock. 

Steps to follow and guide 

Use wise, in order to learn how Open My iCloud works we must follow some easy steps, and by applying these stages to the letter in a few minutes we are going to have our iDevice completely unlocked. This is useful in case of having purchased a second-hand iPhone 8 or 8S with an active iCloud Activation Lock enabled, which obviously is not providing access due to this security feature. 

All we need to do is downloading the Open My iCloud installer from official site, and then installed and run the program. Open My iCloud offers its functionality through a simple an easy to use interface that includes what is necessary. 

Continuing, after we have installed and running the iCloud bypassing tool we are going to enter the IMEI of the phone, which is located in the SIM tray in case of having trouble find it. After entering this information we must click on the button “Connect Server” and wait for the tool to perform the bypassing procedure. When finished, the iPhone 8 or 8S will be completely unlocked and ready to use. 

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Versions of iOS supported 

Open My iCloud offers different advantages, such as being a completely free tool, as well as providing compatibility with all iOS versions, including iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 12.3 and 12.3, working every time. 

How to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone 8/8S/8S Plus
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