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How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 7/7S/7S Plus

How to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 7/7S

At present time, the iPhone 7 and 7S are still very good devices despite of their age, since they function quite well with iOS 12 and above versions of the firmware installed. Therefore, there are not few users of this specific iPhone generation, making the process of how to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 7/7S still valid to this date, as a security feature that in some cases results in very annoying inconvenience and impossibility to access.

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Since the release of iOS 7, Apple introduce the iCloud Activation Lock that in simple words combines software security with the hardware, making a relation of the personal access credentials of the user or Apple ID with the phone itself. Without these credentials, and iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS will be locked completely, in order to avoid intruders. 

Of course, this is a great security feature that when it is enabled (usually is on automatically) protects out personal information, as well as provides the chance to locate the device via GPS or to wipe out the device completely, leaving the previous Apple ID to avoid other person to use the phone. 

Sure, this iCloud Activation Lock function sounds amazing and it is, but it can bring a lot of problems for those users that forget their credentials respecting iPhone 7 or 7S, with the chance of no longer having access to their phones for good. That is where bypassing the iCloud lock possibility comes in with iCloudin Bypass Tool.

What you need to bypass iCloud Activation Lock 

Before knowing what you need to bypass iCloud Activation Lock, mandatorily there must be an aftermarket unlocking solution related, in order to have at hand the requirements to perform the procedure. Respecting software, you will be using the iCloudin Bypass Tool as a powerful platform for this specific surface. 

In details, iCloudin is a software designed to unlock Apple devices when these are inaccessible, thanks to the iCloud Activation Lock, as well as in case of forgetting the lock screen pin code when the device is on and running. In terms of requirements, this platform is different from other solutions since it is a server-based app. 

For example, for iCloudin to work there is no need to use a computer like other similar solutions do, since you will be using an Android device instead and download the iClouding Bypass Application from the Google Play Store. So, the requirements are an Android device running 5.0 version, the specific app and the iPhone 7/7S that locked. 

Bypassing iCloud lock on iPhone 7/7S easily 

With iCloudin the process of bypassing the iCloud lock on iPhone 7/7S is quite straightforward, since it functions trough different servers that act like mirrors and include the technologies to take advantages of bugs, as well as back doors respecting the Apple security systems. All this is done through the IMEI of the locked phone and the rest is performed by the app. 

So, this is a perfect solution for those who do not want to deal with any software installation and to use a computer, involving complicated steps to follow and connections through the lighting cable. Instead, all you need to do is use an Android phone, download an app like you always do and wait for it to perform the unlocking procedure, as easy as that. 

The best part is that iClouding is completely free, since the app does not involve any purchase to download or carry out the procedure, like most of the solutions available out there which in some case charge users with over 50 dollars to function. 

Steps to follow and guide to unlock your iDevice with iCloudin 

To perform the unlocking procedure and bypass the iCloud lock from you iPhone 7 or 7S is very simple. First, use your Android device or get one with 5.0 version installed or above and download the “iCloud Bypass Tool” from the Google Play Store. The App is completely free.

Now that the app is downloaded to the Android device we will open it, and at the same time we will have our iDevice next to the other with the locking screen, requesting for the Apple ID associated with the phone previously, which credentials are not available. 

Continuing, when we open the app four options will appear in big frames, and in this case we will be choosing the iOS option. Then, the platform is going to ask what model of iDevice we will be unlocking, therefore we are going to choose “iPhone 7/7S”. 

Then, the tool will ask for the IMEI of the device which can be found on the box, in case of not having it such number also appears in the SIM card tray of the device. The next step is enter the IMEI in the blanks and tap on “Next”. The app will start carrying out the process that could take several minutes, and when is done the screen on the iPhone requesting the Apple ID will disappear and will ask for a new one. 

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Versions of iOS supported 

One of the ultimate advantages iCloudin has is that is compatible with every version of iOS, such as iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 and above, since the tool is updated frequently and provide a wide rate of compatibility to unlock your iPhone 7/7S.