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How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus

How to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 6/6S

If you are struggling for some reason with a locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch due to the iCloud Activation Lock that does not allow you to access your iDevice and the personal information saved in it, even when it is yours but you forget the related Apple ID credentials, fortunately there is a way to avoid this security restriction as we will show you next, respecting how to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 6/6S.

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Specifically, the iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that disable the access to any mobile Apple device with iOS 7 or later version installed on it, when related credentials like the email and password are entered wrong or missing on a reboot. In this way, users can find their phone, avoid intruders and, wipe out the device remotely and leave it inaccessible if it was stolen.

All of this is great, nonetheless it can be very tricky when you are using your actual phone that belongs to you and gets locked suddenly, due to forgetting the lock screen pin code and later the email and password credentials from the Apple ID, which means in a completely inaccessible device. Luckily, with iCloud Activation Lock Bypass to unlock your iPhone 6 or 6S will be easily and will avoid plenty of troubles.

What you need for to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 6 or 6S

Disabling the iCloud Activation Lock is almost an impossible task to carry out when your iPhone 6 or 6S is locked and you do not have the credentials to unlock it. Nevertheless, that is a thing from the past thanks to the specialized bypassing software of iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool, which will help you to remove any restriction and lock from your device following a few simple steps.

In fact, all you need to start bypassing the phone and set it free is the locked device itself, as well as a Lighting cable to connect it and a Windows computer, which is recommendable to be a laptop. With this three main hardware we will be able to unlock an iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch shortly, avoiding headaches and related inconveniences.

But, what about software? In order to perform the bypassing procedure we are going to need specialized software, and iCloud Activation Lock Bypass is the perfect tool to do it, being free and possible to install on any Windows machine. With the software and hardware gathered you can start unlocking your iDevice and recover access.

Bypassing iCloud lock on iPhone 6/6S: Software wise

iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool is a specialized platform that allows us to remove the restriction and help us to recover access, with new versions released periodically and with support on every Apple device available, such as the iPhone in all of the available models, iPad and iPod Touch. Also, one of the main advantages this software has is that it is completely free.

And by free this means that there is not survey or another trick involve. So, the software can be installed on any computer and be used to bypass the iCloud protection, just like that, not asking for any payment and taking advantages of a few scripts that give access to the iDevice again.

Also, regardless of being for free the platform offers users the possibility to obtain support via permanent customer service, which is available 24/7 to answer any question and help in the installation and process. In the same way, iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux based machines, so any computer with any of these OS will do the job just fine.

Steps to follow and guide to unlock iPhone 6/6S

In order to perform the bypassing procedure with iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool we need to follow some simple steps. First of all, letΒ΄s go to the official website and download the software and install it. In this step you do not have to choose a different version depending on the OS you are using, since it detects it automatically.

After the software is downloaded and installed in your computer, run the program and our tool will show two options. “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock” &  β€œBypass screen pin code” depending on the type of problem you have been having. Before pressing on those buttons, we connect the phone to the computer and open iTunes.

Then, we click on the corresponding option and wait for a minute or two for the platform to do the job and perform the unlocking procedure. And like this, through the iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool we have our iPhone 6 or 6S completely unlocked and ready to use.

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Versions of iOS supported

The iCloud Activation Lock Bypass tool is compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12, with constant updates that allow the platform to stay present and keep on functioning the way it has do it.