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How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 4/4S

bypass icloud on iphone 4

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

How to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 4/4S

As hard to believe it may seem in first instance, many people are still using and are in love with their iPhone 4 and 4S, and with the new iOS updates that are allowed to install new features were added that make the device more modern.

ICloud Activation Lock is a great example of this that came with iOS 7, as a security feature to protect iDevices from intruders but causing accidental locks as well. In this case, knowing how to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 4/4S can be valuable.

With iOS 7 and further versions of the firmware, the iPhone 4 and 4S is able to use iCloud Activation Lock that protects the device from unauthorized access, being especially useful when the phone is stolen or lost since it can be found online, wiped out and let the device unaccesible for good without the Apple ID related.

Nonetheless, this may be problematic when users have this feature activated and forget their screen pin code, or even worse the Apple ID credentials related to the phone as email address and password.

Without these two credentials iDevices can get locked permanently, even in the hand of their respective owners, being bypassing iCloud tools great options in this case for the iPhone 4 and 4S to recover complete access in short time.

What you need for to bypass iCloud on iPhone 4/4S

In case you need to perform a bypassing procedure to unlock an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch because of accidental forgetting of credentials, or also in case of having purchased a second-hand iDevice that result with the iCloud Activation Lock on, you are going to need some requirements to recover access from the phone or tablet involved.

Such requirements will always be related to the type of bypass process and software used. However, usually the things we need are the phone itself, a 30 pin USB cable and a computer. In some cases, to bypass iCloud other device like a PC or Mac is not necessary, since the unlocking method is different and involve nothing but the iDevice.

Bypassing iCloud lock with ssh.jar iphone 4

The bypassing process to remove iCloud lock on iPhone 4 and 4S with ssh.jar has some key characteristics. First, the device will be free and ready to apply a new Apple ID in minutes, frequently through specialized software, although this depends on the actual solutions selected by the user from many options available online.

Bypassing iCloud from the phone can be free or involve specific charging due to the use of the tool, being recommendable to always look for solutions that offer some type of guarantee, especially when there are paid. Most qualified and recognized services focused in bypass iCloud on iPhone 4 and 4S offer guarantee, money-back policy and complete access in short time.

It is important to know that when we are using software to unlock the phone such device will not be able for utilization at all, since through the connection to the computer scripts and other programs are installed on the device to release the iCloud lock.

Steps to follow and guide to unlock iPhone 4 and 4S

Depending on the type of bypassing iCloud solution selected, there will be steps to follow to complete the process. Usually such methods are simple and involve more or less steps to carry out, changing in some way but designed at the end to meet the common purpose of unlocking the phone.

For example, for those people who have a locked iPhone and do not want to deal with any installation or computer use and get their phone back, the iCloud Activation Lock Removal 2019 is perfect, having as only drawback that is paid.

To use this bypass iCloud procedure you just have to access to the official webpage, click in the iPhone 4 or 4S option at the top and include the network related and IMEI and Serial number.

Then, the platform will request for payment information and when such charge is verified the bypassing process will start, sending an email after the phone is completely unlocked and the previous Apple ID removed. In this case, software installation is not required whatsoever and the process is performed remotely.

In case of requiring a free iCloud removal tool that involve software installation and easy steps to follow from a computer, if you are into a more advanced process, LockWiper by iMyIFone is perfect and a very easy solution to unlock iPhone 4 and 4S.

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Versions of iOS supported

Either you use iCloud Activation Lock Removal 2019 or the solution provided by IMyFone, both options are compatible with iOS 7,iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12. However, for iPhone 4 and 4S the process gets easier as the iOS version installed is lower, giving a higher rate of success and unlocking purpose.

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 4/4S
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