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How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Latest Update! - FEBRUARY
We’ve added support for the latest versions of iOS. In addition, the iCloud unlocker also works on the new Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 PRO devices.


Many iPhone users and other costumers from Apple as a company deal with an issue when it comes to security, with a feature that instead of making their life easier in some cases do the opposite, especially for those who forget personal credentials easily. Specifically, this feature is the iCloud Activation Lock, which makes many users wonder how to bypass iCloud when they deal with a locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

When an iDevice is locked and inaccessible is thanks to the iCloud Activation Lock, as a feature that should protect our Apple devices from intruders or unauthorized users, and while this purpose is achieved actually quite well, when we are responsible for the block of our own iPhone or iPad the things can get very annoying, particularly when we forget our credentials from the Apple ID account. 

Luckily, when we are facing problems accessing our iDevice there are options respecting by passing tools, which will help us to recover access and use our phone or tablet again, with plenty of platforms, methods and procedures available that will be shown shortly. However, to know a little more about the iCloud Activation Lock at this point will be quite valuable. 

iCloud Activation Lock: What is it? 

If we are going to use a bypassing tool to remove an iCloud lock on any device, we should know previously what the iCloud Activation Lock is and how it works, and in this way we are going to be capable of choosing the best tool online, or at least we are not going to get scammed with supposedly working platforms to bypass iCloud when in real life do not work at all. 

Specifically, the iCloud Activation Lock is a security technology released by Apple when iOS 7 was launched, integrating the Apple ID credentials with the device itself to provide ultimate privacy and inaccessibility when the device is used by other and not their owner. However, the reach of this technology does not end there, since it also allow to wipe out devices remotely and establish their location. 

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows


Due to this combination between software and hardware, such feature is a real success and a really hard one to bypass, being updated in every version of iOS released. However, at present time there are a quite set of bypassing tools to overcome this security feature, due to the growing need of users that forget their Apple ID credentials and find themselves with a locked iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

How iCloud Activation Lock is activated and problems it can bring 

The iCloud Activation Lock is a feature that is set automatically when we start our phone or tablet made by Apple for the first time. So, in case where we would lose our device it automatically would be locked and require the Apple ID credentials when rebooting. This is the thing about the iCloud Activation Lock; it is always on and if we want to disable it we must go and change it manually in the settings.

That is why many people find themselves having trouble accessing their Apple devices, since they forget how restrictive can be this security feature. Therefore, the iCloud lock can bring many problems, such as making inaccessible personal information and use of a required device for everyday life. 

Also, the iCloud lock is usually a problem when it comes to people that are involved in commercial operations with second-hand iDevices, since in many cases previous users forget to remove their account from the phone or tablet, which give them the possibility to lock devices or jold credentials that obviously the new buyer will not have, meaning a blocked device unfortunately. 

Due to these and other reasons many people search online about how to bypass iCloud, and therefore the related methods to perform this procedure, which are very extensive and with different characteristics, downsides and even prices. 

iCloud bypass tools 2019/2020/2021: Options available 

When it comes to different options for software to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, there are plenty of possibilities and platforms to consider, ones with great reputation and high ratio of success, as well as positive opinions from previous users, while others generate a lot more doubt and are related to negative fame, since such tools simply do not work regardless of what they claim to earn users. 

With no doubt, DoulCi is one of the most recognized bypassing tools for iCloud locks, since it works through servers and scripts to set free the device connected, working through Mac or Windows computers similarly and an intuitive graphic interface. DoulCi is free and only requires the complete a quite survey with the help of TrialPay, although donations for the developers are also received. 

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Other platform that is equally recommended is the iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool 2019/2020/2021, which is perfect for those users who want to unlock their devices in the easiest way, not involving any computer or software installation. With this tool the owner of the device just needs the serial number and IMEI of the phone to perform the unlocking, being almost like magic. The only problem that some may consider is that this bypassing platform is not free. 

Of course, there are other unlocking tools such as LockWiper by IMyFone, iCloudin, Open My iCloud and iCloud Assistant Pro, all of them with proper disadvantages and benefits, but most of the time achieving the goal of unlocking the iDevices, since these are the best and are apart from scam posts and supposed functional bypassing tools that do not work. 

Features that should have the best iCloud bypassing tools 

There are specific characteristics that bypassing tools for the iCloud Activation Lock must have. First, it is always wanted for these platforms to work fast, or at least at good rate to achieve their goal. Usually, unlocking tools based on servers take minutes to perform their task, as well as those software-based platforms that function under operating systems like Windows and Mac. 

Second of all, it is mandatory in every case that the bypassing tool must be easy to use, with little and direct steps to follow and do not involve any hard procedure. If the process seems to be complicated the user will not try it and will find other simpler, as easy as that.

Now, to choose a method based on software, previous installation and use of computer, or other based on IMEI and online functions is up to the user, having possible advantages and drawbacks every one of them, possibly in terms of pricing or free option. While the tool achieve its goal there are going to be users that will take advantage of the platform. 

DNS Bypass Activation Locker as possible option 

Another method to consider respecting using bypass procedures to remove iCloud locks is the one based on DNS, working through internet connection and IP addresses to unlock iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. One great example of this type of platform is the DNS Bypass Activation Locker, which is available online and has great possibilities. 

Up to date, this bypass tool has unlocked more than 30 million devices across the world, with servers in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and others. With DNS Bypass Activation Locker there is no need to use a computer or download any program or software, since the whole process is carried out online on their official website 

This platform offers its bypassing technology for free, working one hundred percent of the time and in every iOS version released up to date. The method is based on DNS and not proxies or script, as a way to enter Apple servers and unlock the device, guaranteeing secure connection, fast functionality and one of the best things is that DNS Bypass Activation Locker is completely free worldwide. 

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

In case this platform does not work for any reason, since it takes advantage of a redirected exploit on Apple servers, another option that in fact is almost the same but based in other technology and vulnerability is Captive Portal, working in the same way but having a higher success rate in recent times, since it is more updated and ready to deal with all iOS versions and Apple servers. 

For example, with Captiva Portal is always possible to find a new vulnerability and use it as an exploit to break in into the Apple servers, by taking advantage of errors on the code and even hardware failure. Because of this, this is one of the most used methods since the DNS bypass method went live. 

iCloud Unlock and what to know 

As we have read in the previous sections, there are plenty of methods to choose from respecting the interest of using a platform to bypass iCloud lock on iDevices. So, to choose one of them entirely depends of the users and the tools they have at hand. For example, for those who do not have a computer available the software-based options are not the most suitable. 

In the same way, those users that want their iPhones and iPads unlocked automatically without installing anything in most of the case must pay for the service, as a possible drawback. Also, IMEI-based and DNS-based bypassing platforms need internet connection mandatorily to work, as another matter that must be consider. 

In other words, depending on the method used there must be some specific requirements for the tool to perform its task, from software to hardware to other elements and resources, and when at least one of them is missing the process cannot be carried out unfortunately, so other must be searched and used to achieve the purpose of unlocking the device.

 Differences among iCloud unlock platforms and possible downsides

According to the way the different iCloud bypassing tools work, there are differences between these options, regarding recourses, way of function, approach and more that are worth to know before selecting it to unlock our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

There are platforms that are paid and offer almost no involvement from the user, since the process is carried out automatically and remotely, while others are more designed to be utilized by more advanced users or at least people with basic knowledge respecting installing software and connect hardware to computers. 

Of course, iCloud bypass tools can involve downsides or possible drawbacks, such as working slowly or not at all, require too much resources or simply be scams to show ads to users and make them download malware. Because of that, it is recommended to take advantage of the platforms called in this post for more trusted platforms, with serious developers and functional software. 

How to remove iCloud with new methods 

In most cases, the process of how to remove iCloud is very simple and can be summarized in a few steps, no matter the method that we are using. 

For example, if we choose a software-based tool installed on a computer like Lockwiper by IMyFone, we must run the program, connect the device and wait for it to detect it, usually with iTunes running in the back ground. Now, by following the graphic interface we are going to be able to choose different options, such as choosing to unlock a fully blocked iDevice, recover access from lock screen pin code forgetting and other issues. 

The second method is in fact easier than the first one, which iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool 2019/2020/2021 is a great example. By following this method developed by the website and online platform CellUnlocker in the United Kingdom, the unexperienced users will be able to unlock their phone, with the downside that this is not free service, requiring payment. 

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Using this tool is very easy: you just need to enter to our download link, and select the device you need to unlock that could be from the iPhone 2G to iPhone XS Max, as well as iPods and iPads. Then, the platform will require the proper payment and it will continue by starting the unlocking process. In this case, the platform will send a confirmation email informing the unlocking was successfully, without the need to use software since everything is performed remotely. 

However, if you want to use a new method to unlock any iDevice from the iCloud Activation Lock, with no doubt iCloudin is definitely the platform. This one works also remotely and no installation or use of external computer is needed. Nevertheless, an Android device and downloading the corresponding app are necessary. Then, through the app and the phone the blocked device can be unlocked through server and IMEI number. 

When it comes to these types of methods, the DNS-based one was the first to exist by taking advantage of vulnerabilities that were transformed into exploits to enter and unlock devices. Captive Portal and DNS Bypass Activation Locker are two of the working platforms working under using this specific unlocking procedure. 

Supported devices

iCloud Activation Lock – Compatible iOS Firmwares

  • 13.1.3
  • 13.1.1
  • 13
  • 12.2
  • 12.1
  • 12
  • 11.4
  • 11.3
  • 11.2
  • 11.1
  • 11
  • 10.2
  • 10.1
  • 10
  • 9.3 
  • 9.2.1
  • 9.2
  • 9.0
  • 8.4.1
  • 8.4
  • 8.1.3
  • 7.1.2
  • 7.0.3/2/1
  • iOS 7.0

Recommendations before using iCloud bypass tools 

There are some recommendations that should be considered before using any iCloud bypass tool. First, make sure to always use service platforms that are secure and do not have the purpose of committing scam to make money or obtain personal data of your phone or computer. So, it is advisable to use the options mentioned in this post where every platform is the product of real and serious developers.

Second, try to pick the solutions that fix your needs the best way and according to the resources you have at hand. In case of not having a lighting cable and a Mac or Windows computer, you can choose server-based solutions. On the other hand, if you count with a computer and the willing to install programs, the best solutions are the software-based ones available. 

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Mac

Download Bypass iCloud 12.4.1 for Windows

Videotutorial iCloud unlock removal as great resource 

In case of having any doubt respecting how to perform the bypass process to remove the iCloud Activation Lock, great resources that are offered by almost every platform in their official websites are the videotutorials, in which you will be able to see clearly how every tool work and is applied easily, especially when you are not getting or understanding in the right way how to perform a specific step. 

So, with such great resources to take advantage of, if you are going to use any iCloud bypassing tool like DoulCi, LockWiper or any other, do not hesitate in consulting the videotutorials to perform the iCloud removal and set free your iPhone or iPad, since such resource is available for that specific reason and to help users not to make any mistake. 

Watch the videotutorial