Apple has progressed their iPhone series all the way up to the newest iPhone 6s plus. Even despite this, however, the iPhone 4s has remained the most popular and famous iDevice within the Apple circle. iPhone 4s has withstood the tests of time and even when other devices were discontinued from the iOS updating list this unique phone remained. The iPhone 4s even includes the iOS 9 series. This essentially means that iPhone 4/4S remains a top choice when iOS 9 versions are being considered for general compatibility. This article will take a detailed look at the iCloud bypass iPhone 4s. This information will be especially relevant for those who use an iPhone 4s, but it could benefit everyone who uses iOS.

iphone4 icloud bypass

iCloud bypass for iPhone 4/4S

iCloud bypass iPhone 4/4S Activation

The beginning of the path for the iPhone 4s started in 2011 via the iOS operating system, specifically iOS 5. Since that time iPhone 4s has traveled 5 years and gone through the subsequent four major iOS operating systems, ending up at the latest version, iOS 9. It is greatly hoped that the iOS 8—9.1 iCloud bypass activation will prove to be effective. If an individual happens to be using a less recent version the simple fix is to update to iOS 9. Doing this has many rewards including the capability of iCloud bypass iPhone 4s.

Bypassing iCloud Lock on iPhone 4/4S

Got stuck at iPhone? There can be many reasons either you forget your apple id, or whatever, you need to go through the tricks to bypass that icloud activation.

ICloud is the service to protect your iPhone. ICloud activation appear when the phone is upgraded to a new OS, restored or the content is reset. This feature appears if the owner of the iPhone has already signed-in to the device using his Apple id and enabled “Find my Phone” option. But if in any case, like in the situation your Apple sign in id got hacked or whatever else the situation will be, a Person will stuck there forever. Although, if you have the receipt or official POP (proof of Purchase) from Authorized Apple Reseller, you can contact AppleCare or Authorized Service Provider to open that iCloud Activation remotely. But if you don’t have it or lose it, you can try this method.

Preparing to Bypass

Keeping in mind that we are going to bypass the iPhone 4 iCloud activation having iOS 7.x. Here is the screenshot of the activation screen which we need to bypass.

Things Needed

  • MAC OS X with latest iTunes and java installed.
  • 30-pin Connector – to connect iPhone to MAC.
  • Internet Connectivity.

Steps to Follow

Step 1:

  • Download zip and extract the zip file. Find the contents as follows.

Step 2:

  • Download Reiboot. (Included on Tools Package)
  • Download CyberDuck for MAC. (Included on Tools Package)
  • Connect iphone4 to MAC using 30-pin Connector
  • Take iPhone to DFU mode – Hold the Power button and Home button until iPhone restarts.Hold for 5 seconds and release power button but keep pressing the home button. If it succeeds, your iPhone screen will remain dark.

Step 3:

  • In the Previous Extracted files, Click on “SSH.jar” and open that.
  • If the iPhone is in DFU mode, the application will automatically do its job and tells that now it can be accessed via SSH.
  • After that, Open “Terminal” Application on MAC.
  • type: ssh root@localhost -p 2022password: alpine
  • type:

Step 4:

  • Open “CyberDuck” Application.
  • Click “Open connection” and choose “SFTP with server: localhost and port: 2022”
  • Username: root and password: alpine
  • Enter to  “/mnt1/var/Applications” find “” and delete
  • At finder, drag file “” on folder “GNERDS_iCloud_Bypass_With_Certs” to “/mnt1/Applications/”. This file is supposed to replace “” there. If there’s a warning: “replace or overwrite”, choose replace or overwrite.
  • With the same way like above, replace file “data_ark.plist”, “device_private_key.pem”and “device_public_key.pem” in “/mnt2/root/Library/Lockdown”. The same file can you find in “GNERDS_iCloud_Bypass_With_Certs”

Step 5:

  • If you have done all the steps above, reset your iPhone by pressing and holding the power and home button until it restart.
  • IPhone will reboot and enter the recovery mode.
  • Launch “Reiboot ” App, which you previously Downloaded and Click ‘Exit Recovery Mode’
  • Now we have done. IPhone will boot Directly to Home screen without activation screen.


It’s better to remember your iPhone Apple id, then to go through all this time wasting bypass Process. Sometimes, this process also doesn’t guarantee the success, if the phone isn’t boot in DFU mode. Moreover, also we recommend to always purchase an Authorized Apple Reseller and save the receipt on something safe place, so that we can claim and contact the support if need in such a matter.

iCloud Activation for iPhone 4/4S on iOS 8—iOS 9.1

Doulci is the latest tool to use concerning the iCloud bypass iPhone 4s that is currently running iOS 9—9.1. This was discussed previously in articles regarding the iCloud bypass activator. In order to utilize the Doulci iCloud bypass activator is is necessary that a person’s device be compatible with either iOS 8 or iOS 9 operating systems. Soon the Doulci iCloud bypass iPhone 4s will also be compatible with iOS 9.0.2. This is due to the fact that the latest version of Doulci, 3.0, has already been tested on the iOS 9.2 operating system.

Additional Information about Doulci iCloud Activation

  • It is possible to connect iTunes and the iPhone 4/4S through the iCloud server.
  • Doulci is compatible with other iOS devices aside from just the iCloud bypass iPhone 4s.
  • The download for Doulci iCloud activation is entirely free of charge.

All of these various benefits make it easier than ever to use iCloud bypass activation on the iPhone 4s. Before long the compatibility of Doulci activator with iOS 9.2 will be known after Apple releases the operating system.

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