Through the years, the electronic devices developed by Apple Inc. have proven its worth in the industry. Apple Inc. ensures to offer devices that are worth the investment of every consumer. However, there are some instances that the Apple devices are acting on the rot. And due to the sensitive mechanism of the devices, it is prone to damage. Aside from that, having an Apple device brought to authorize repair shops can also be a bit expensive. If you experience any problem with your Apple device, most especially if the iCloud activation is locked. Here is a quick and easy technique to help you out.

Doulci Server for iCloud Bypass

What is an Apple iCloud?

doulci server

Doulci Server for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Apple iCloud is the suite of free cloud-based services made especially for Apple Inc. devices. The iCloud helps the Apple users to store and synchronize digital contents and files across other electronic devices such as computers and other iOS-supported devices like iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. Apple iCloud offers 5GB of storage for free. And if the user needs to avail more storage, he or she is entitled to purchase on a monthly basis.

What makes iCloud even special is its ability to automatically synchronize the files. As a result, the users can guarantee that they have a backup copy of the files and documents saved on the device. Moreover, transferring and copying the files and documents doesn’t employ the use of storage devices like a flash drive or memory stick.

What is the Doulci Server?

Through the years, the Doulci Server has proven its worth as the world’s greatest iCloud bypass server. This powerful tool is crafted to aid the needs of Apple users to enjoy the device once a problem with iCloud activation was experienced. The Doulci Server is a free tool that aims to bypass the iCloud activation lock and retrieve the account. With the help of the Doulci Server, the Apple user has the capability to login in the iCloud email and use the personal accounts as well. By utilizing the wonders of Doulci Server, the users can make use of the Apple device as if it is brand new.

How to use Doulci Server?

What makes Doulci Server a cut above the rest is the fact that it is a free server and you don’t have to download anything to utilize its wonders. As a matter of fact, using Doulci is easy and hassle free, even technology novices can understand the process. Remember, this is different of doulci activator.

Step by step Procedure of using Doulci Server

Step 1: Head over to your computer and check the following.

  • For Mac: /private/etc/hosts
  • For Windows: C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

Step 2: Add the IP of the server.

Step 3: In the Apple device (iPod touch, iPad, iPhone), go to the activation lock screen and connect the device to iTunes.

Step 4: A message will pop up saying that the connection is not trusted. Click on the “Yes” button and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Another error message will pop, it signals you to disconnect the device.

Step 6: The last step is to reconnect the device with iTunes and indulge yourself with the unlocked iCloud. Watch this post about doulci server, also you like this.

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